Apartment building "Syretsky Boyar"

city Kyiv, str. 73A Rigska

About complex

The residential complex "Syretsky Boyar" (the house in Rigska, 73 A) harmoniously coexist architectural solutions of different ages, creating an elegant and at the same time modern creative image budivli.Vazhko believe that such a large project created for a huge audience of Kiev, who dream of new housing. And yet it is. After all, building on the Rigska - for a comfortable life.

Comfortable location

For health - clean place Kyiv with several green areas. For soul and heart - Syretsky nearby park, park reserve "Oaks" from the river Crude.

developed Infrastructure

For convenience, proximity to major traffic arteries of the capital: Moscow avenue and street Shchusev, station "Syrets", "Dorohozhychi" and stop train "Syrets". The project envisages construction pid`yizdnoyi road to the house. For children: playground. For mothers shops on the ground floor. To fothers: parking space for each apartment.

Modern apartment

For comfort, convenient scheduling, optimal space rooms, large kitchen and corridors. Other features: ensure heat and sound insulation monolith-frame walls, windows, technological communication. For inspiration: beautiful view from the windows. It's hard not to agree that the house in Riga, for a comfortable life.

The house was commissioned.




monolithic frame

aerocrete blocks

mineral wool


2.75 m



Apartment planning

ЖК "Сирецький Бояр"